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Parachute tower located at Baku city boulevard was built in 1936 and changed its designation to Clock tower in mid 60-s. Almost nothing was upgraded since that time. The outdated equipment has to be changed and it was entrusted to NVC LLC. We've been requested to do complete restoration which included not only the equipment itself, but the tower's metal construction and foundation as well.

Restoration began in 2011 and was completed in couple of months. During that period we changed all floor panels at all levels. Some supporting metal constructions were replaced as well. Old paint was sanded and replaced with new paint which can stand against all weather conditions. We supplied and installed the newest weather station and eight LED monitors to reflect the information from the weather station. LED monitors were constructed with allowance of wind resistant.

Also we installed interactive lighting system which has the ability to create different lighting effects. The clock at the tower is synchronized with Azerbaijan reference time server.

Everything was completed in time and was highly appreciated by the government of our Republic.

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