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Proven itself as the reliable company during European Games 2015, NVC LLC was invited to take part in 4th Islamic Games which were held in May, 2017. This time, in addition to the utilities we were dealing with the delivery and installation of all kitchen equipment manufactured by well known Turkish company - OZTI.  

NVC scope was as follow:

  • All kitchens and canteens electrification in athletes village in Baku city.

  • Plumbing work in athletes village in Baku city.

  • Supply and installation of all cold rooms for all kitchens and canteens located in athletes village of Baku city.

  • HVAC and ventilation of all kitchens and canteens athletes village in Baku city.

  • Delivery, installation and maintenance of all kitchen equipment in athletes village.

  • Maintenance during the games.

Everything was completed in time and there was no any single incident during the game which was highly appreciated by the government of our Republic. 

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